What This Is

Entering adulthood can seem sort of overwhelming. Although it’s awesome in a lot of ways (You can eat ice cream for dinner! You can go places on your own! You can get real jobs that make you actual money to do cool stuff with!), it’s also a little daunting. College definitely helps with the transition, but there’s no major in adulthood. There’s no class that teaches you how to function as a real-life, grown-up human being.

As rising college juniors, we’ve been facing this exact dilemma, so we decided to start a blog. Off Campus 101 is the intro course to life that everyone needs (but no one offers). Here we share crash courses in adult stuff, personal stories (whether they end in victory or defeat), recipes, DIYs, travel guides, and more. Think of us as your slightly awkward but well-intentioned older cousin who occasionally has some actually decent advice and is always down for eating ice cream over an existential crisis at 3 in the morning.

Disclosure Policy:
While Off Campus 101 accepts and receives compensation, all views expressed are the honest opinions of Kate and Taylor (the owners). Nonetheless, any posts for which the owners are sponsored will be marked as such and any items provided courtesy of the manufacturer or distributor will be clearly marked c/o. Please be aware this blog is an affiliate of and receives compensation from ShopStyle and the owners reserve the right to include links through ShopStyle in any posts they see fit.


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