Exciting News!!!

Hey guys!

Tay and I have had something in the works for a while now but have been waiting to share it-we are now pacificandjune.com! We’ve really been enjoying this project and realized that, in order to continue after college, we needed a name that was a little less… college-specific. We’ve also loved WordPress, but unfortunately it hasn’t allowed us to do some of the things we want to do with our blog. After consulting, we decided a move was our best option.

We’re really looking forward to the switch and have some more exciting news to share in the next few weeks. This blog will still recieve the occasional update while we transfer our posts over to the new website and we’ll check in periodically after that, but we just wanted to let you all know! All of our accounts will also be changed to pacificandjune and we hope you’ll follow.


Kate “Seriously so excited about these new graphics though”


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