Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year around this time I face the ultimate dilemma: what do I get my dad for Father’s Day? Most years it ends up being some cheesy book that he pretends to like but ultimately ends up in a bin in the garage because, really, what use for it does he have? In all fairness, it’s really hard to buy for him. When he wants something, he usually goes out and gets it for himself.

A few years ago, my mom, brother and I finally realized that instead of trying to find him something new, we’d just upgrade the stuff he usually gets and spoil him a little (or get him the stuff we wish he’d buy because it’s so much cooler than his ugly pocket square/weekender/shorts, etc.). In fact, Father’s Day is the perfect time to say, “Dad, I love you so much that I’ve splurged on a $100 pair of shorts but really I just want to get you out of those hideous pleated things that should have stayed in 1982.”

Without further adieu, here’s a list of some fun ideas for Father’s Day. Some are upgrades on the necessities, some are just fun, kitschy things, but I can almost guarantee there’s something for every dad here:


Cologne // Shaving Kit // Face Wash
Weekend Bag // Running Shoes // Shorts
Pocket Square // Cufflinks // After Shave
Bourbon Glasses // Beer Coolers // BBQ Tools
Cheese Board // Apron // Bottle Opener
Pen // Picture Frame


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