My Experience at “The Fault in Our Stars” Movie Premiere

A year ago yesterday, I was in New York City sitting in a pen across the street from the Ziegfeld Theater. One of my best friend’s (let’s call her A) and I had read The Fault in Our Stars during our Freshman year at university and fell in love with the writing, story, and characters.

We followed the movie process closely, and found out the movie premiere was going to take place at the Ziegfeld Theatre on June 2nd, 2014. We never thought in a million years we would actually go, but it was a fun idea. We were so obsessed with the book, however, that we planned a trip to NYC (where I live part-time) so that we could see the movie together when it was released on June 6th.

We ended up in New York on May 31st, and planned on exploring the city until we saw the movie later on in the week. Everything changed the morning  of June 2nd, when we were eating breakfast and had the Today Show on the TV. The cast was being interviewed and talked about the premiere that would take place later on in the day. A and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “We have to go.”

We literally left our breakfast on the table and ran out of my apartment. We walked quickly over to the other side of town until we reached the theatre on 54th street. When we arrived we saw the pens that had been set up across the street. People were already camping out in them. We went over and talked to a Mom that was there with her tween daughter and she informed us that they would be giving out wristbands to the red carpet/ movie to the first 300 people in the pens. In that moment, we decided we had to stay. When else would we ever get to have this experience?


So there we were, for 10 hours outside being treated like pigs in a pen, waiting for the premiere to start. They (the security guards/ FOX people) gave us one break to go to the bathroom/ get food. Eventually,  they moved us over to the carpet. By that time, we were all sweaty and smelly and gross. But, who cared? We were about to get the experience of a lifetime.

Even though A almost fainted, and there were like a billion tween girls that were screaming and pushing us and being so rude, we had an amazing time. This wasn’t just a movie premiere for us, it was a movie premiere for a movie that we were OBSESSED with. We had been following everything, and the fact that we were there, with the whole cast and crew, was absolutely incredible.

On the red carpet, we saw everyone. John Green stopped by and talked to each section of the red carpet. YES, Ansel is really hot in person. After all the celebs walked the red carpet, we were pushed inside to see the film. They put all of us crazy fans in the balcony area, and literally every single person involved in the movie sat below us. We got to watch the movie with everyone in the room. How cool is that?

Hank Green


John Green

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort

Shailene Woodley

Nat Wolff

A and me in the theatre!

The inside of Ziegfeld Theatre

The Inside of Ziegfeld Theatre

June 2nd is a day I will remember forever.

Fun facts about the day:

1. I stood in line for the bathroom with Ansel’s girlfriend for 20 minutes (she’s beautiful)

2. A girl behind A and I sobbed the loudest I had ever heard for the last hour of the movie and we couldn’t hear a word of the movie

3. Hank Green got food from a hot dog stand outside the theatre after the movie

4. I got to thank Josh Boone, the director, in person!

5. I’m a film geek and got to see my favorite screenwriters in person!! (Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber)

Love your film buff,


*All photos are mine and were taken on my iPhone- that is why the quality is terrible (that and I was being pushed around by hundreds of people)


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