Instagrams We Love

Instagram is quite possibly my favorite form of social media. I love looking at pretty things, and insta is the perfect place to swoon over other people’s wardrobes, homes, etc. Here’s a list of a few of my fav instagrammers in case you’re looking to fill your feed with something new & fresh.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.14.40 PM
Julia Engel // @juliahengel
I’ve been following Julia’s blog (Gal meets Glam) since she was in college herself and am OBSESSED with her style. She always looks so effortlessly pulled together and goes on the most incredible trips.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.16.38 PM
Dice and Briohny // @bryceyoga
I would love nothing more than to be able to do the kind of inversions that this husband/wife yoga super team manage. If you’re unsure, watch this video of Briny. They’re so focused and calm that they always motivate me in my own yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.15.47 PM
Ashley Rose // @sugarandcloth
Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth has the most adorable DIYs and her instas are always on point. Everything she posts is just so damn cute. If I could live in an insta account, it would be this one.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.14.11 PM
Samantha // @preptista
Sammy of Preptista is a fellow LA resident and amazing lifestyle blogger. Everything on her insta is so bright & cheery that it is literally impossible to be unhappy after seeing one of her perfectly-arranged photos.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.16.43 PM
Elle // @ellefitactive
Elle started out as a broke college student looking to yoga for all its health benefits, so she taught herself. She has this whole ‘yoga for the people’ thing going on that I’m obsessed with. I have her Get Bendy guide and it’s already helped so much with my joint troubles- seriously worth the money.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.14.30 PM
Carly Heitlinger // @carly
Carly of The College Prepster is one of my favorite bloggers ever. She’s very honest on her blog and super relatable, which is one of the things I love most abut it. Her blog is a mix of food, fashion, and travel and never disappoints.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.15.12 PM
Marnie // @marniethedog
I’m obsessed with Marnie. Her life is about 1000000x cooler than mine will ever be and she’s absolutely adorable. Sorry, but if you don’t crack a smile at one of Marnie’s posts than you are probably a robot or something because she’s SO CUTE. Just look at that tongue hanging out. UGH so adorbs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.18.30 PM
Caroline Khoo // @nectarandstone
Oh. My. God. Everything Caroline makes is absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure it tastes incredible too but I don’t know if I could even bring myself to eat any of it because it’s so beautiful. If you didn’t think food was an art form before, you definitely will after seeing her insta.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.17.48 PM
Kelly Mindell // @studiodiy
Bright. Poppy. Quirky. Fun. I want to be best friends with Kelly, who is behind Studio DIY. Seriously, she made an avocado piñata so I’m sold.

Kate “Have I been perusing instagram for the last hour?”


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