Favorite Cookies EVER

My little brother had a baseball tournament today so I was left to take care of the dog. Left to my own devices, I decided to make cookies instead of a real meal because who needs lunch when you have peanut buttery goodness?

I went around my kitchen rounding up ingredients for my absolute favorite cookies ever and, magically, had everything on hand. Behold, the most amazing chocolate peanut butter cookie you’ll ever have:


I got this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, who got it from Magnolia Bakery, which you can find here. Just a recommendation- use Skippy Natural Extra Chunk for the peanut butter, flatten the dough out a little before baking, and carve that classic criss-cross into the top (it’s scientifically proven to make them taste better). Now that I’ve eaten like 5 I’m going to go attempt to run them off, but definitely try this recipe for yourselves and enjoy!

Kate “If only I could run a minute a cookie and be good to go”


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