Latest DIY Project

May 10th was Mother’s Day, and my family and I had a blast going out to brunch and on a drive around the beach to celebrate my wonderful mom. My mom and I are very close, and she deserves to be celebrated everyday. I wanted to give her something meaningful and thoughtful, and not just something store bought. My problem was that I was only home from a college for a day before it was Mother’s Day. I wanted a DIY project that was cute, simple, and personal.

Of course I let Pinterest help me out. I found directions to make really cute drinking glasses. The directions were simple- I only needed glasses, q-tips, and paint. Click on the link and you can make these beautiful drinking glasses:

I was also inspired by Pinterest to paint a mason jar. I saw some really pretty, personable mason jars that had spaces left unpainted in order to insert a picture into the jar. I knew I wanted to incorporate me and my brother somehow, and I thought this was the perfect way. We were able to not only make a cute mason jar, but also have a place to put flowers.

I kind of made up my own directions for the mason jar. First, I picked a color: Lavender (my mom’s favorite). Then, I used a piece of clear packing tape to cover up the spot I wanted to leave unpainted for the picture. I then painted the mason jar with one layer chalkboard paint to give it a rustic look (let it sit for as long as the brand of paint tells you to until doing the next layer). After, I painted it with acrylic lavender paint (again let it dry for as long as the bottle tells you to) and then painted on another layer. To finish it off, I sprayed it with a clear spray sealant. After it was dry, I put in a picture of me and my brother (remember to peel off the piece of tape at the end)!

Here is the final product:

I feel that these two DIY projects are good for many occasions: Birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc… Both projects are usable, affordable, personable, attractive, and simple. I had a lot of fun making these and I got it all finished in just a couple hours!

Xo, Taylor


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