Graduation Gifts: College Edition

Ah yes, graduation season- a time when professors where weird hats and newly-minted graduates awkwardly make their foray into the real world wearing a polyester dress.

As sweaty and uncomfortable as the tradition itself may be, having just (barely) survived finals week I can say with certainty that 4 years of college requires a LOT of work. For those of you who are looking to show the grad in your life “Hey, I know you worked really hard and probably just want cash but I think that’s too impersonal so I’m going to give you something else to reward you for your hard work”, then look no further! We’ve got you covered with a few ideas for recent college grads that they’ll actually need:

gifts for grads

Under 30: [coasters, barware/cocktail book, sweater comb, stationery]

Under 50: [cookbook, steamer]

Under 100: [charm]

Under 200: [pen, wallet, money clip]

Under 250: [briefcase, knife set]

Assuming the grad is moving into the real world, they’re going to need to adapt their life to be more grown up. That miss-matched collection of plastic wine glasses isn’t going to cut it for company. Aristocrat and kool-aid? Yeah, normal people don’t count that as a cocktail. People expect that you can make more than just pasta and cereal, that your clothes are pill-less and wrinkle-free, and that you send an actual, handwritten thank you note when you’ve interviewed. Oh, and co-workers will think it’s weird if you start digging around for a wad of cash in your beat-up old North Face at a power lunch. Save them the trouble and buy them the things they need (but maybe don’t want)- they’ll thank you later.

Then again, an envelope of cash is always a good idea.

Kate “Haven’t stopped cuddling with my dog for more than 24 hours”


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