Treat Yo Self: Finals Edition

Hey Biddies!

So I am literally writing a midterm as we speak (as I type this?) but I need a break. In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks happy hour starts today! Personally I’m more about the iced coffee/straight espresso shots because I’m all about maximizing caffeine intake, but the Starbucks in the library was giving out samples of the s’mores frappucino earlier and I actually liked it.

It has a vaguely mocha-y undertone and is closer to a milkshake than coffee, but since they’re half off from 3-5, why not?

We’ll be sharing our finals study breaks, so share your de-stressing activities with us by using #finalsdoneright!

And a Pro Tip- if you aren’t already registered for the Starbucks rewards program, do it. I’ve had a gold card since 2011 (caffeine addiction started early) so it’s nice to get something back for the ridiculous amount of coffee I drink.

Kate “Already been to Starbs 3 times today”


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