Finals Week 2015


Unfortunately, it is that time of year again. On the bright side, summer is just a “short” week away (a week that literally feels like forever). Due to the horrendous amount of papers, projects, and tests that are making our lives miserable (and not to mention PACKING), we will be posting less than usual this week. We wish this wasn’t the case.

However, as soon as we have our freedom, we will be back and ready to have a post-filled summer! In mid-May, Kate and I will be reunited in Los Angeles and we will have A LOT to blog about.

To all of you who currently have finals, good luck. We feel your pain! This too shall pass…

Here’s the most recent finals themed Buzzfeed article to help get you through: Pitch Perfect Style 

Xo, Tay “This is me procrastinating right now”


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