Rape Culture on College Campuses: Tay’s Latest Review on “The Hunting Ground”


One of this year’s most talked about documentaries is titled The Hunting Grounddirected and written by two time oscar-nominated Kirby Dick (best known for The Invisible War). I was very lucky to get the chance to attend a screening of the film that was followed by a Q & A with Kirby Dick himself.

The Hunting Ground focuses on what could be the biggest issue the United States is facing right now: rape on college campuses and the failure of administration and law enforcement to do anything about it. The statistics are very alarming. About 20% of females will be sexually assaulted during their time in college. To put that in perspective, 120 of the 600 females that are entering my college next year can expect to be sexually assaulted, possibly before class even starts. This is a major problem on all campuses, affecting mostly females, but also males, all around the country.

To read the rest go on Taylor’s new blog here & follow taygoestothemovies@wordpress.com 


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