16 Things You’ll Understand if You Work(ed) in Your College Library

1. You genuinely don’t understand why people have so much trouble finding books.

2. People ask if you know the best study spots in the library. OBVIOUSLY you do, but you’ll never tell.

lol yeah I don’t stay here! I don’t have any homework!! haha

3. You’ve gotten to the point where you’ll dance in the stacks while you shelve books and do not care if someone sees you.

yeah, I’m literally jumping up and down lip synching. this is MY territory.

4. When you have a late shift and your supervisor has you shelf reading or shelving in the basement

5. You know the feeling when one of your friends starts walking over to the desk


6. Until you start talking to them about weekend plans and then they say “So I’m looking for this book for my history class?”

I thought you loved me…. =(

7. Your crush will approach the desk with a huge stack of books and you’ll pray the system doesn’t work so they have to make small talk

omg I have to pretend I don’t know their name/year/major/hometown/pet’s name??!

8. You’ve had to push an old, loud, awful wooden cart through a quiet room at least once

laugh it off! it’s ok that everyone is glaring at you! *sobs internally*

9. And someone you know probably took a snapchat of you doing it

haha yeah omg that was soon funny! *still sobbing*

10. It probably ended up in some groupmes. And on facebook.


10. Someone will check out a book and one look at the title will make you feel inadequate.

11. At some point, a professor that made your life a living hell for a semester will approach the desk and you have to muster all your strength not to be an a**hole to them

12. When someone comes over to the desk and asks if you can get a book for them

13. You’ve probably thought that staying at school and working over a short break was a good idea

and I need to justify an excessive online shopping habit

14. And then when you had no human contact for 4 days you realized how stupid that was

maybe you didn’t start talking to a volleyball, but you probably talked to your mom for 4 hours

15. That feeling when you’re finally entrusted with the library golf cart so you can drive books around campus

except people stop thinking it’s cool when you won’t give them rides

16. You’ve inevitably had to go to work hungover at some point.

can I wear sunglasses at the circulation desk?

16. Even though you have a love/hate relationship with the library, you know it’s the best job any college student could have.


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