Treat Yo’ Self Tuesday: 1 Month Edition!

It’s our 1 month blogaversary!

We know that’s not a real thing, but Tay and I spring on basically any excuse we can find to celebrate. As such, we took this evening to treat ourselves to a night out on the town (not that there’s much of a town where we go to school). The weather was beautiful today so we laid out on the field for 2 hours then walked to our favorite local restaurant for dinner.


and the trees were gorg!


the cutest restaurant

And because we thought sandwiches weren’t enough, we went to another restaurant for dessert. And ordered two.


bloggers gonna blog blog blog blog blog


tiramisu, zeppole, and espresso gelato. working on our summer bods?

Currently watching the Duggar wedding (yes, we watch 19 kids and counting. as a joke, for the record.), planning on doing our favorite face masks and doing study abroad squats later.

Even though it’s only been a month, we’ve really enjoyed working on this project. Thank you all for following us! We can’t wait to celebrate many more blog milestones with you.

Kate + Tay


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