What it’s like to be on your sorority’s exec board, in gifs

This one goes out to my fellow srat stars-

Whether you call it ‘E-Board’, ‘Exec’, or ‘ugh, them’, your chapter’s executive board is an important part of your sorority. I was lucky enough to get a position this year and can now definitively say that this is a highly accurate account of your exec’s term in office:

You’re elected to your position and everyone is excited for you:

And you go to your first exec meeting feeling so official:

Then you realize how much paperwork you have to do and how many emails you have to answer:

And you find yourself sitting in an e-board meeting that’s going on its 5th hour and you’re like:

Then REAL disaster strikes:

It’s probably over something really stupid, but things get blown out of proportion and you hear that one girl the whole chapter is mad at the your e-board and you’re like:

So you assemble for an emergency meeting. There’s one girl on exec who won’t take BS from anyone and is just like:

But the most of you are freaking out and are like:

And you just turn to your president and chapter advisor like:

And even they can only do so much. You feel like sort of like this:

But eventually you have some good, old-fashioned chapter bonding where you talk it out and push through:

Somehow you make it to the end of the semester without missing a nationals deadline:

And even though you’re emotionally and physically exhausted:

At the end of the day, your sisters make it all worthwhile:

Kate “About to send out my 7th email in 3 days asking for volunteers someone please help already I can’t do this on my own I am ONE PERSON”


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