Treat Yo Self Tuesday

I woke up this morning exhausted and stressed. There are simply not enough hours in a day to finish everything I need to do, so how do I respond? Taking some personal time. It seems counterintuitive when you’re really busy, but I’m a big believer in mental health and taking time to take care of yourself.

Tay & I had to run some errands so we turned it into a little outing- went on a Target run, got Chipotle, went to Whole Foods- and it was GREAT.

Got myself some macarons feat. Tay

Macarons feat. Tay

Tay being my chauffeur.

Tay the Chauffeur

Opened my email to find out that I got into my study abroad program of choice (officially be spending next semester at the University of Salamanca in Spain), watched this INCREDIBLE video and some Mindy project with Tay, and got into bed with my cup of tea.

Kate also gave herself a facial and posed like this. This look= priceless. (You know I love you, xo Tay)

Kate’s facial face

Sadly, there is still homework to be done, so I’ll leave you with that, but don’t forget to treat yourself because you deserve it!

Kate + Tay


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