Video Coming Soon to a Computer Near You: “How To Spend Your Night In”

Exciting news! Tomorrow we will be posting our very first video of the much needed spa night we had on Wednesday. We get so stressed out by school and life in general that a night in to pamper ourselves every once in awhile is very necessary. Our version of a spa night is very DIY style, and everything can be done in a dorm room. So, if you need a break from reality, come back tomorrow to watch our video and have yourself a relaxing night in! If you want to prepare for your night in in advance (or need to have your spa night like right NOW), here are a few products/items you can make sure you have ready.

1. An extra bed sheet (will be explained more tomorrow!)


2. Facial in a Box by Bliss® (or any other mask)


3. Your favorite hot drink (we love Tazo® tea)

tea-tazo-teabags-calm-tea-box4. Some funny questions to ask your friends OR some Buzzfeed quizzes to take if your night consists of some much needed alone time

5. A good movie & good music to relax yourself (you’ll see tomorrow what movie & music we picked)


The rest you’ll have to wait and see! We hope you come back tomorrow to watch our fun and very silly video.

Xx, Taylor

PS: Facial in a Box really does give a nice post-facial glow. Aren’t we cute? 😉


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