Essentials: Everyday Lifesavers

Hey friends,

I got this really cute card in the mail from a friend today and decided to hang it on my wall, only to realize I was out of clothespins. In my room, this is a disaster. I use clothespins for almost everything- hanging photos, hanging lights, organizing necklaces, keeping bags of cereal/chips closed- with a strip of mounting tape on the back they’re more useful than command hooks. The minor panic attack I had over the clothespins got me thinking about the items in my dorm room that I simply cannot live without. I’ve narrowed it down to 11:
Everyday Dorm Lifesavers

1. Tide Pods– Seriously, you’ll never use any other kind of laundry detergent again. These are so much cleaner to handle and easier to store.
2. Instant Oatmeal– I’ve already gotten to the point where I can’t survive on junk food without constantly feeling sick. While I was hoping that wouldn’t happen for at least another 5-10 years, I’m trying my best to actually eat vegetables/healthy food. Bakery on Main has some great all-natural instant oatmeal options that taste soooo good, and it’s the most convenient dorm dinner.
3. Electric Kettle– I love tea. LOVE it. Like drink at least 5 cups of a day kind of love. This electric kettle is small so it’s easy to store and looks cute on top of my microwave.
4. KIND Healthy Grains– Going back to the ‘trying to stay healthy with a college lifestyle’, my schedule is insane this semester so I have to eat on the go a lot. My go-to options are baby carrots, little bags of almonds, and these kind bars. They’re a perfect pick me up between classes and easy to store in a backpack- a great snack if you’re super busy and don’t always have time to eat on a normal schedule.
5. Brita Pitcher– I’m convinced that the water out of the tap tastes like chlorine, yet I drink about 1041820 glasses per day. Enter the Brita pitcher- it gives me peace of mind about my drinking water and is small enough to store on top of my microwave.
6. Scale– No, I’m not talking about watching the freshman 15. I almost always overpack and get in trouble when my bag is over the weight limit at the airport. Having a scale is so so so helpful when packing if you have to fly like I do- you can get one cheap and it saves you a lot of money on bag overage fees.
7. Vitamins– I’m a big baby and hate the horse pills that smell like dirt and taste even worse, so I get the gummy vitamins. They taste good and provide you with a lot of basic nutrients that college students may not always be getting- take them year round and avoid that inevitable pre-finals plague.
8. Pinch Provisions– Ok, this is actually my 24/7 lifesaver, not just reserved to the dorm. Whether you have a button that needs to be sewed back on or a stain that needs removing, this thing has got your back. You can also fill a pencil pouch with some things you never have when you need them (stain stick, floss, etc.) and carry that around for  DIY version.
9. Downy Wrinkle Releaser– As a business major, I’m always having to go to meetings and presentations that require business attire. As a college student, I rarely have time to press my button downs and skirts and have showed up looking very wrinkly more than a few times. This isn’t a substitute for ironing but still does wonders- a necessary item for everyone over the age of 16.
10. Mounting Tape– I use this for EVERYTHING. Posters. Bulletin boards. Command hooks. Records. Picture frames. Seriously, always have a roll- it’s so nice to have on hand because you’ll never know when you need it.
11. Clothespins– Seriously, you can use them for EVERYTHING. Hanging skirts, hanging pictures, all the reasons I listed earlier. They’re so cheap that you might as well get a pack to keep stashed away.

There you go- my suggestions for things to keep in your dorm. Comment with your everyday must-haves!

Kate “It’s been 11 years since the Princess Diaries 2 came out so I’ll leave you with that”


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